In Photos: Brno Day 2020 Celebrates The History of Brno

On Saturday, August 15th, Brno marked the 375th anniversary of the victory against Swedish forces during the Thirty Years’ War, with the highlight being a historical parade through the city center. Photos: TMA / Brno Daily.

Brno, Aug 16 (BD) – Every year since 1995, the city of Brno has celebrated its historic victory against the Swedish incursion on August 15th, 375 years ago, with Brno Day [“Den Brna”]. This year’s anniversary was marked with a historic parade through the city center.

Prior to the parade was the unveiling of the statue of Father Martin Středa, a Jesuit priest and important figure in Brno’s history, who played an important role in the city’s defence during the siege of Brno by the Swedes in the Thirty Years’ War.

Brno Day is celebrated on August 15th, alongside the celebration of the Assumption of Mary. It is at the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary that celebrations officially began, with a religious service on the theme of Brno’s victory. 

After the service, Father Středa’s statue was ceremonially unveiled next to the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, where he is buried, with the participation of Mayor Marketa Vankova (ODS), Deputy Mayor Petr Hladik (KDU-CDL), and members of the clergy. 

At around 12.45pm, the historical parade began in Denisovy Sady, making its way through Zelny Trh and Namesti Svobody on to the Church of Saint Jakub, where a wreath was laid on Marshal Louis Raduit de Souches’s grave in the church, in the name of the city.

To conclude the day’s events, before the final march back, the soldiers in the parade fired several blanks into the air.

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