11 Injured In Brno Night Bus Crash

On Monday night, there was a serious incident on Kníničská as a night bus ran off the road, leaving 11 people injured. The cause of the crash is still unknown, and police have not ruled out the driver’s medical condition or a technical defect. The estimated damage is CZK 3.25 million. Photo Credit: Policie JmK.

Brno, June 1 (BD) – On Monday at 11:20pm, there was a serious traffic accident on Kníničská, in which a public night bus travelling towards Bystrc ran off the road and crashed into a power pole. There were around 30 passengers on the bus, 11 of whom were injured. 

“After treatment at the scene, we transferred the patients to Brno hospitals for further care,” said rescue service spokeswoman Michalea Bothová.

Firefighters also provided assistance at the scene, including removing the injured from the bus. During the investigation, the road was completely impassable for several hours. For the time being, police officers are not ruling out that the driver’s medical condition or possibly a technical defect could have played a role in the accident. It was not possible to take a breathalyser test of the driver at the scene, as he was among the injured, but samples were taken later by the hospital.  

Photo: Firefighters at the scene of the incident. Credit: Hzscr.cz.

“For unknown reasons, the bus went off the road and crashed into a power pole. We are working with several theories, two of which are that the driver’s medical condition or a technical fault could have played a role,” police spokesman Petr Vala told ČTK.

Vala stated that the damage after the accident is preliminarily estimated at CZK 3.25 million. The exact cause and degree of fault will now be the subject of further investigation by Brno’s traffic police officers.

Hana Tomaštíková, a spokeswoman for Brno Transport Company (DPMB), stated that the articulated wagon on line 98 was heading to Bystrc and Žebětín. According to the materials and information available to DPMB, the bus was in good technical condition and underwent regular technical inspections.

Tomaštíková said that the bus driver has been working for DPMB for 27 years and has been driving night routes for a long time. He undergoes regular medical examinations and training, and before starting his shift, complied with all legal regulations concerning the necessary rest. Moreover, the earliest available information confirmed that the vehicle was not exceeding the speed limit, she added. 

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Photo: A serious traffic incident on Kníničská. Credit: Policie JmK.

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