“What Will Brno Awaken In You?” Asks New City Tourism Campaign

A new video campaign has been launched by the municipality, promoting Brno as a destination for travel, life, and adventures of different types – including some risque content you might not find in every city’s brochures. Title image: video / @brnomycity.

Taste? Spontaneity? Desire? Pride? Freedom? These are just some of the things that Brno could awaken in its residents and visitors, according to a new promo video from the municipal tourism campaign, #BrnoTrueStory.

The video takes a wide view of the delights on offer in the Moravian metropolis, from familiar scenes of the Brno’s cafe and pop-up gastro culture, to groups in traditional folk costumes enjoying a ride on the tram, to depictions of various types of romance and togetherness. The message is clear: whatever type of person you are, the city has what you are looking for. Check out the video and see what Brno will awaken in you…

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