Mendel University To Continue With “Green” Policy Under New Rector

On Monday, the Academic Senate elected a new Rector of Brno’s Mendel University, for the term from February 1st, 2022, to January 31st, 2026. The current Vice-Rector and head of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Vojtěch Adam, will become the new rector, succeeding economist Danuse Nerudova. Adam confirmed that the university will continue to focus on environmentally friendly policy. Photo: Mendel University archive. 

Brno, Oct 20 (BD) – “We will respond to what is surrounding us today. This is a dramatic change in our approach to the environment. We want to be greener, the environment must be healthier and more sustainable. This is exactly what our university has been doing for decades, and we want to continue and develop it,” said the newly elected rector in his speech on Monday.

Adam also said he plans to continue in the more socially active role for the university, following his predecessor Danuse Nerudova. “We want to be seen not only at the regional level, where we are strong, but also in the Central European research and pedagogical space,” he said. Adam also said he would continue to digitize the university’s studies.

Four candidates applied to become the university’s 34th Rector. Adam announced his intention to pursue “greener” policies at the educational institution.

Vojtěch Adam (not to be confused with the current Health Minister) was born on May 2nd, 1982, in Brno. He obtained a master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry, and for postgraduate studies he worked on Molecular and Cell Biology, all at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University. In 2015, he was appointed professor of chemistry. At present, in addition to the position of Vice-Rector, he heads the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, where he has been working since 2009.

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