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First Results Emerge From City of Brno’s Research Into Groundwater Sources

Under Brno there is a huge reservoir of drinking water. These are artesian waters, which could serve the emergency needs of the population in the event of a crisis. The City of Brno has therefore conducted a hydrogeological study to assess the quality of existing wells and their suitability for the emergency supply system. The second stage of the study will focus on identifying new suitable locations for drilling new wells. Credit: Freepik

Brno, Dec 21 (BD) – “For the emergency supply of the population, we have to prepare the water resources to be able to flow at a rate of at least 71 liters per second,” said First Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL). “However, if we take into account the number of people who commute to Brno every day for work, we are looking for sources that can reach 104 liters per second. In the first stage of the survey, we examined 18 pre-selected hydrogeological wells. These were subjected to detailed technical and revision work. In addition to the abundance of the source, we also examined the quality of drinking water.”

According to Hladík, a five wells were identified as unsuitable for the emergency supply system; other wells may be suitable after meeting certain conditions, such as well cleaning or water treatment. Artesian waters are in many cases very rich in iron and minerals.

“The well in Kníničky, which has a maximum output of 34 liters per second, was evaluated as clearly suitable for the emergency supply system,” said Hladík. “The Trnitá locality in the CTP area and the Ráječek area are also suitable areas for the construction of new wells. We are negotiating the construction of these wells. Thanks to the research, we also have an overview of the hydrogeological conditions of other districts, which will help us identify locations for the possible construction of new wells. However, specific sites will be the subject of the second stage of the study. It is important to find sites that, in addition to suitable hydrogeological conditions, will also have good accessibility for tanks or fire trucks, which would have to contribute to the supply of drinking water to the population in the event of a crisis.”

He also drew attention to the fact that not only the City of Brno, but also the wider South Moravian Region has faced a long-lasting drought in recent years, and like Brno has had to deal with frequent water supply accidents.

“Water is above gold, it is an absolutely key part of life on this planet. It is therefore important to protect water resources and at the same time be prepared for situations where there may be a shortage,” concluded Hladík.

The study for the City of Brno was conducted by the company Geotest.

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