Micro & Macro Quiz Introduces Space Technology and Electron Microscopy

In February and March, Brno citizens and residents can get to know two of the most important economic sectors to the South Moravian region, through Micro & Macro quiz, which combines a quiz and a QR code hunt. At www.micromacro.cz, they can win a 3D printer, a drone, or an iPhone. Photo credit : Freepik

Brno, Feb. 2 (BD) – The aim of the game is to acquaint the public, residents and expats, with two fields in which South Moravian companies and institutions achieve world-class success. “In the minds of Brno residents, these areas are not yet as rooted as the traditions of trade fairs, engineering or textiles,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková (ODS), describing the intention of the Micro & Macro campaign. “I am proud that projects are being born here that transcend not only the borders of the city or the region, but the whole planet. In this playful way, we want to showcase the achievements that have brought Brno and the entire region into the global spotlight.” 

Jan Grolich (KDU-CSL), the Governor of the South Moravian Region, explained why they chose this format: “It is well known around the world that South Moravia is one of the leaders in the development of space technology and electron microscopy. But we want this to be known here at home as well. So Brno businesses, the public sector and the JIC got together and created a quiz so that people could actively participate. After all, the long-term cooperation between the region, the city, universities and local companies in both fields will also represent us at the EXPO in Dubai.”

Players will collect points for answering questions on the www.micromacro.cz website and for scanning the QR codes scattered around Brno. QR codes will be found in places you normally visit, such as coffee shops, in the cinema, or even on cupcakes. The questions will tell you how technology is connected to everyday activities. The website and the quiz are also available in English, so that everybody including expats can participate in the event. 

Participants will find the quiz questions, a map of QR codes and complete rules of the game on the micromacro.cz website, additional information, news and alerts on Facebook and Instagram @brnoregion.

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