South Moravia Launches Campaign To Encourage Foster Caring

Approximately 800 children in South Moravia live apart from their biological family. To speed up their journey to a new family, the South Moravian Region has launched a campaign to support those who are considering becoming foster parents. Photo credit : Freepik

Brno, Feb 2 (BD) – The aim of the campaign is to encourage new foster families and inform them of the positive effects of foster caring in general. “In South Moravia alone, there are hundreds of children who could be living in families,” said Jana Leitnerová (Piráti), South Moravian Councillor for Social and Family Policy. “But unfortunately, the number of people interested in becoming foster parents, whether temporary or long-term, is declining. Last year, we registered 38 applications. With this campaign, we want to reach out to the public and make potential applicants aware of what it means to be a foster parent. Of course, they can count on help from the regional authorities throughout the whole process.” 

The region wants to reach out to future foster parents through advertisements, visuals and spots on TV and social media. Radio adverts have also been prepared, narrated by actors of the Brno Municipal Theatre including Pavla Vitázková, Lucie Bergerová and Petr Halberstadt. “It’s not a job, it’s a mission,” said the Governor of the South Moravian Region, Jan Grolich (KDU-CSL). “We need as many foster parents as possible so that children don’t have to grow up in institutions. We’ll be happy for any prospective foster parent who comes on board.” 

A new website has been created at, where anyone interested can find details and personal stories of individual foster parents. From March 17th, 2022, these will also be exhibited for the public at Vaňkovka shopping centre. Another new feature is the so-called Foster Passports, which allow foster families to attend sports and leisure activities for free or at a significant discount compared to the normal admission fee.

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