Czech Republic Issued 1,200 Visas To Ukrainians On Sunday, Up 35% From Previous Week

The Czech Republic issued 1,238 special visas on Sunday to Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is almost 400 more than a week ago. In more than two months of war in Ukraine, over 320,000 Ukrainians have arrived in the country, according to figures published by the Interior Ministry on Twitter today. Photo credit: JMK

Czech Republic, 2 May (BD) – Today, the Interior Ministry published updated numbers on Twitter regarding visas issued in the Czech Republic and also new refugees entering the country. 

Since the beginning of the war, at least 320,023 Ukrainian refugees have been granted temporary protection visas in the Czech Republic, including 1,238 yesterday alone, up more than 400 from a week ago.

On Sunday, 1,942 refugees reported themselves to the foreign police. Since the start of the Russian aggression in late February, nearly 210,000 have registered in the Czech Republic. Children under 15, who make up about a third of the refugees, are not required to report.

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