Free Tours of Špilberk Castle For Ukrainian Children During Summer Holidays

To help Ukrainian families find things to do over the summer holidays, the Brno City Museum is offering all-day programs at Špilberk Castle for Ukrainian children during the two months of summer holidays. Photo credit: Špilberk Castle Facebook account

Brno, June 20 (BD) – Ukrainian children from 6 to 15 years old can visit Špilberk castle for free during the summer, as the Brno City Museum has prepared tours for them to learn more about the city they live in.

Six free tours have been prepared, always from Monday to Friday, with the program running from morning to afternoon, so that the children’s parents can go to work. During the course, the children will learn about the history and present of Brno and Špilberk Castle in a fun way, improve their Czech language and vocabulary, and get to know their peers. They will play games and go on trips to Brno and its surroundings.

The program is provided by our team of experienced teachers. A teacher from Ukraine is also present throughout the day. Refreshments, facilities and transport are provided for the duration of the program.For those interested, early registration is required at Any questions and uncertainties will be answered by e-mail, where support staff speak Ukrainian.

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