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Police Intercept South Moravian Drug Ring Selling Cannabis To Poland

Detectives investigating drug smuggling had long been on the trail of dealers importing and distributing marijuana in Poland. Through their investigation, they traced a ring of five individuals in South Moravia who were growing plants in an indoor pool for the purpose of dealing. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, August 2 (BD) – A few days ago, a police intervention took place in several locations in the Břeclav region, which investigators had been preparing for several months. The investigation began on the trail of three men who were buying and distributing marijuana in Poland. The police then identified their contacts and the suppliers from whom they were buying the drugs. Gradually they identified four locations where marijuana was being grown. 

During the operation, police arrested all five suspects who ended up in jail, including four Czechs and one foreign national. According to police spokesman David Chaloupka, the group were not amateurs; they had equipped their plants with grow tents with lamps and fertiliser for rapid growth. Instead of a greenhouse, they also used an empty indoor pool for cultivation. Other plants that did not fit inside were grown in pots in enclosed courtyards. 

In the past two years, the group has managed to produce and sell more than 200 kilograms of dried hemp. The current selling price of cannabis in Poland is about CZK 60,000 per kilogram, equalling a total value of up to CZK 12 million. In the search of the house alone, officers collected and seized nearly ten kilograms of marijuana. 

They also found large sums of money, CZK 143,000 and EUR 800. In addition to cultivation equipment and tools for processing cannabis, police also seized two cars – a Mercedes-Benz and a BMW – which the group is suspected of using to transport the drugs.

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