World Cat Day In Brno To Support Nearly A Thousand Cats In 11 Shelters

13 August is World Cat Day. Kryšpín Feline Charity Association will run a charity bazaar to mark the occasion. Photo credit: Kryšpín. 

Brno, 8 Aug. (BD) –  Today is World Cat Day, and Brno will celebrate on Saturday, 13 August, with a special event organised by the Kryšpín Feline Charity Association. “In Brno, for the second year, we are celebrating this global event with a charity bazaar that helps abandoned cats in shelters. Not many people know that there are no municipal cat shelters in the South Moravian Region, only private ones. If it were not for them, thousands of cats would find themselves without help, because municipalities hardly establish cat shelters,” said Lenka Němcová of the Kryšpín Association, which helps raise funds for the operation of these shelters. This is despite the fact that abandoned cats are far more numerous than dogs. There are 1,342 places for cats in registered cat shelters in South Moravia; 1,151 of those places are offered by private shelters, and Kryšpín supports most of them. 

During the event there will be a bazaar where human and feline items can be purchased at solidarity prices, accompanied by an exhibition of photographs of cats from the shelters and a lecture by Alžběta Blašková, who has seen more than 1,000 cats pass through her hands during 14 years running her Tibet Shelter. There will also be many second-hand items for sale and new handicrafts given by donors. The Brno Marathon Music Festival and Brno City Festival Day will also be held in conjunction with Cat Day festivities. The events will all be held near the city centre and are all free of charge. 

There are 935 abandoned cats being cared for by 11 shelters, which you can help by shopping at the charity bazaar, surrounded by a photo exhibition and a feline-themed lecture.”We are very grateful to everyone who helps us financially and to those who adopt a cat from the shelter. The advantage of adopting is not only that the cats from us are vaccinated, wormed, and neutered, but we can also choose a tailor-made companion, especially knowing their character,” said Blašková. 

The Kryšpín Feline Association was founded in Brno on the 21st day of the 21st century and financially supports nine verified private shelters, mostly in South Moravia; it has established a public collection for this purpose with a transparent account number: 2501927911/2010, organises charity auctions and fundraising events, runs an e-shop, and is looking for 834 regular donors of CZK 100 per month who,could donate CZK 1 million per year. There are currently 161 of them.

Cat Day with Kryšpín 2022 – Saturday, 13 August, 10am-6pm.

Foyer of Brno’s JAGA café in the White House behind the Red Church – Žerotínovo náměstí.

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