Brno Streetparty 2022 Will Bring Almost 80 Different Vehicles To Lidická

Various vehicles and many activities for young and old at the Brno Streetparty 2022. Photo credit: DPMB

Brno, 30 Aug. (BD) – On Saturday, 3 September, Lidická will host the Brno Streetparty 2022, a day dedicated to the city’s companies showcasing their work and equipment. A convoy of almost 80 vehicles, including tankers, rubbish trucks, ploughs, fertiliser spreaders, forestry tractors, and historical and contemporary public transport vehicles will parade down Lidická, with the aim of presenting the activities of city companies and bringing fun to the inhabitants of Brno. 

“Everyone knows that there are city companies and that their work is of great importance,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková (ODS). “We want the workers and their machinery to show the city what their function is and how they are necessary for Brno to run. A rubbish truck, a tanker truck, or a bus are things we take for granted, but the Streetparty will present a range of interesting information that the public does not know about the vehicles and activities of the companies. I believe that the event, along with other items on the agenda, will not only be entertaining but also useful.” 

The Brno Transport Company will contribute 28 trams, buses and trolley buses to the convoy, including shunting and work cars. SAKO Brno will present different types of waste collection vehicles, Brno Technical Networks will show an assembly truck and a platform, Brno Communications, a sweeper, a spreader and a sprinkler, Brno City Forests will demonstrate a chipper and a tractor with a set, heating systems, electric cars and a woodchip flatbed, and finally Brno Waterworks will bring sewer cameras and a sewer vehicle.

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People gathered around the parades of old transport vehicles at the Brno Streetparty 2019. Photo Credit: MS /BD

Starting at 3.30pm, tram drivers will prove their skills in the International Tram Driving Skills Competition. They will compete in nine different disciplines, focusing on the ability to control the vehicle sensitively, e.g. to stop precisely at a designated point on a stop island, on the pavement or between the rails.

The event will not just be about transport: at 5pm singer Sebastian will perform on the stage at the corner of Lužánky Park, and from 8pm the band Portless. Both on Lidická and in Lužánky Park municipal companies will have stands with demonstrations of small equipment, fire-fighting equipment, several tankers and transport vehicles will be on display in front of the fire station, the Brno Observatory and Planetarium will inflate their popular ten-metre planet models, and rescue workers will allow a look inside their ambulance. In addition, there will be around 30 stalls offering refreshments. 

Lidická will be closed to traffic during the party. Car and truck traffic will be diverted from 8am, public transport from 11am.

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