City Architect’s Office Celebrates Anniversary With Two New Exhibitions

The exhibition will showcase the urban vision and future concepts of the city. Photo credit: Visualisations by SOA architekti, Kancelář architekta via CPI.

Brno, Feb 8 (BD) – To celebrate six years since its revival, Brno City Architect’s Office (KAM) is presenting two new exhibitions. The “Art of Changing Brno” exhibition at the House of Arts will use the office’s recent architectural competitions to showcase the urban vision and concepts of the city, while an exhibition in the Nova Zbrojovka boiler room will present the concept for the primary and secondary schools planned on the site.

A Vision of a Changing City

Since its revival in 2016, KAM has run a series of architectural competitions for important buildings, prepared a new spatial plan, and taken responsibility for the conceptual management of the development and urbanisation of Brno, which is constantly changing to meet the diverse demands of society.

The “Art of Changing Brno” exhibition in the Procházka Hall of the House of Arts will take visitors on an excursion through Brno’s planning. The exhibition will cover the architectural competitions, their winners, and the development of Brno, on both a city-wide scale and at street level, exploring the parameters that must be met to serve the diverse stakeholders in the city. 

An accompanying program to the exhibition will start in February, focusing on water and landscape, including a guided tour with head of the Municipal Infrastructure Department, Radim Vítek. Events in March will be themed around public space.

Schools for the 21st century

The second exhibition in the Nova Zbrojovka boiler room will present the vision for the primary and secondary schools planned for the new district.

The area is slowly entering the construction phase after a long period of demolition and rehabilitation. In addition to housing, culture, shops and other spaces, this new neighbourhood will also need high quality civic amenities such as schools.

The exhibition will present the results of the architectural competition for these schools. It will be hosted in the former boiler house with its iconic chimney, which forms the centrepiece of the urban concept of Nova Zbrojovka.

The winning design by the SOA architekti features three new buildings, surrounded by a large public space with maximum accessibility for pedestrians. The school’s garden and sports area is designed to interact with the life of the new district’s residents, and the complex of studios, clubhouses and roof terraces on the fourth floor will be accessible separately from the main street, and can therefore be used for extracurricular activities independently of the operation of the school itself.

The exhibition is free of charge and will run until 5 March, from 9am to 4pm.

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