Open House Brno: Registration Opens For Limited Tours

The Open House Brno festival gives members of the public access to over 100 historical locations across the city on 13-14 May. Registration for tours of specific buildings opens today. Photo credit: Vratislav Vozník.

Brno, 4 May (BD) – On the weekend of 13-14 May, Open House Brno is opening the doors of 110 architectural treasures across the city. Those interested in urbanism, history and architecture will be able to explore locations typically closed to the public. Registration for tours of specific buildings opened at 12pm today.

34 out of the 110 buildings made available will require registration to visit. Those include the Brno Observatory and Old Town Hall. 76 locations will be open to the public at specific times without the need to book in advance. Registrations for places on specific tours can be made on the GoOut portal.

This year, the festival draws attention to the contributions of women architects across the city. Visitors will be able to explore a range of styles and eras, including historical, interwar, socialist and modern architecture in Brno.

The festival’s curator, Šárka Bahounková, highlighted the rich historical stories told through Brno’s architecture, “We managed to make some very valuable places available, such as the Vesna building on Lipová, whose appearance was greatly contributed by Lotte Stam Beese, an architect and urban planner with a very eventful fate.”

A full list of locations open during the festival, including those that don’t require registration, is available at the Open House Brno website.

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