Czech Firm Nebesys Wins Title of Most Creative Start-up In The World

Nebesys’s project is an innovative product that opens interiors to the sky, offering picturesque views of the urban and natural landscape. Photo credit:

Brno, June 8 (BD) – Czech startup Nebesys has been named as the global champion of the Creative Business Cup 2023. The global finals of the competition took place on 5 June in Copenhagen, Denmark, where innovative startups from all over the world competed for support and investment for their business projects. Nebesys qualified for the competition by winning the national round organised by the CzechInvest agency in March.

 “It is great news for all of us that such interesting, creative and innovative solutions are born in our country,” said Petr Očko, senior director of the digitization and innovation section of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, also responsible for the CzechInvest agency. “Winning the competition will bring the startup invaluable support that will help it grow and expand into new markets, and I hope that it will also become a model for other startups to apply in the coming years.” 

Creative startups are one of the key areas supported by CzechInvest as part of the Technological Incubation project, he added.

Creative start-ups which joined Nebesys in the final ten were focused on, for example, sustainable textile materials or digital platforms. Following the final pitch, presented by Nebesys representatives, the jury was most impressed by the individuality and sophistication of the product, which brought the firm eventually to victory. 

In addition to the prestige of the title, Nebesys will also receive a package of business services, programs and mentoring, as well as access to financial resources provided by partners, investors and professional mentors. They will also be entered into the Creative Business Investors program, which will enable them to network with investors and potential partners throughout the following year.

 “It is a great honour for us that we could represent the Czech Republic, as a country full of great ideas,” said Zuzana Ambrožová, creative director of Nebesys. “Our victory is the result of the amazing cooperation of the entire Nebesys team. I believe that by the end of the year we will have dozens of other beautiful realisations and that we will improve the lives of many people.” 

Nebesys’s product  is an innovative project that opens interiors to the sky, offering picturesque views of the urban and natural landscape. The firm uses natural diffused light, the so-called skylight, which prevents overheating and the formation of heat islands, while cooling through water and capturing rain. In the future, Nebesys roofs will be fully energy self-sufficient.

The Creative Business Cup competition is intended for startups from creative industries such as design, electronics, software, computer games, 3D printers, fashion, architecture, advertising, film, photography, gastronomy, leisure activities, toys, music, and audiovisuals. The jury evaluates not only the creative value of the product or service, but also the potential to withstand international competition and become a globally successful company.

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