Brno National Theatre In July: Romeo and Juliet Under the Stars

NdB’s Romeo and Juliet returns to the romantic setting of Biskupský dvůr. Credit: NdB.

Brno, July 1, 2023 (BD) – Everything in Brno slows down a bit in the summer heat, but, at night, culture still comes alive.

Romeo and Juliet will be performed as part of Ballet NdB Open Air series later this month in Biskupský dvůr (the Bishop’s Courtyard), with the Petrov cathedral as a backdrop.

Performances will be on July 13, 14, 15, and 17, starting at 8:15 pm.

On July 16, NdB will present The Ballet Summer Cocktail, which will feature performances by graduates of the Master Classes of the Mariinsky Theatre’s star emeritus, Denis Matvienko, as well as a special summer programme by the NdB 2 ensemble. This event starts at 5 pm.


Majitel klíčů Performed at Romanian Festival

Brno ends the 2022-23 season the way it began, by spreading its cultural influence throughout the world.

At the beginning of last season, Twelfth Night went to the Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk, and then in the winter, Čapkova Matka completed a successful guest appearance at the Israeli National Theater Habima in Tel Aviv.

The season will end this weekend with three performances of Milan Kundera’s play, Majitel klíčů (The Owner of the Keys), in Sibiu, Romania, at the third largest European theatre festival. Majitel klíčů will be presented on July 1, 2, and 3 in the great hall of the Radu Stanac National Theatre.

Majitel klíčů premiered on May 22, 2021, in the Mahen Theatre, under the direction of NdB director Martin Glaser. It is one of three plays by the world-famous writer Milan Kundera, and the Brno National Theatre is the only theatre that has the author’s permission to present it. The play, with a fresh sense of humor and biting irony, depicts the constant battle of an individual with history, in which even the most banal decisions can have fatal consequences.

Click here for the full schedule and more details of NdB’s selection of drama, opera, and ballet.

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