Czech Republic To Offer Help Implementing Ukraine Peace Plan at Summit

Diplomats, experts, and advisers will meet in Jeddah over the weekend to discuss President Zelenskiy’s ten-point peace plan for Ukraine. Photo: President Zelenskiy meets President Pavel in Prague in July. Credit:

Prague, Aug 4 (CTK) – At this weekend’s summit on Ukraine in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Deputy Foreign Minister Jan Marian will offer the Czech Republic’s help in implementing the peace plan for Ukraine, mainly in nuclear security and prosecution of Russia’s war crimes, he said in a statement released to CTK before his departure for the summit today.

Diplomats, experts, and advisers to heads of state will meet in Jeddah over the weekend to discuss Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s ten-point peace plan for Ukraine and agree on the date, venue and agenda of a peace summit, the Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported on Thursday, citing a representative of the Ukrainian presidential office.

“Ukraine must decide on peace and its conditions. The Czechs have historical experience of [big powers] negotiating without us and forcing out territorial concessions. Ukraine seeks the involvement of important world players. For us, this is another opportunity to talk to the countries of the global South,” Marian noted

On behalf of the Czech Republic, Marian will offer assistance in implementing the peace plan, particularly in the areas of nuclear security and prosecution of Russian war crimes. He also plans to hold informal meetings with other delegations on the sidelines of the conference.

“The Czech Republic stands for Ukraine. We support peace under the conditions set by the Ukrainian side, including Ukraine’s territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders,” Marian said.

He said he considers the Czech Republic’s representation to be important given its long-standing and strong support for Ukraine, and the important role the country has played in discussions so far, especially in view of last year’s Czech presidency of the EU Council.

“The Jeddah meeting will be closed to the public, which will allow for an open exchange of views,” Marian added.

The Wall Street Journal first reported on the upcoming meeting in Jeddah in late July, citing diplomatic sources. Representatives from up to 30 Western and key developing countries will meet in Saudi Arabia, it said. Russia is not invited. The Guardian, citing people involved in planning the summit, reported that the event is mainly aimed at persuading neutral countries such as Brazil and India to take a clear stance on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Ukraine convened the meeting, and hopes the venue might attract Chinese participation. However, it is not yet clear whether Beijing will send representatives. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is expected to attend.


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