Number Of Cyclists’ Fatal Accidents Rises In Jan-June Year-on-year

Photo: TMA

A total of 23 cyclists died in accidents in Czechia in the first half of this year, the most since 2015, when bicycle collisions claimed 26 lives, police statistics has shown, and experts partly ascribe the rise to the growing popularity of electric bikes, which are faster, heavier and can be harder to control.

Last year and the year before, 17 cyclists lost their lives in the first six months. In 2022, 13 cyclists wearing helmets died in accidents, and 29 without helmets.

According to police 3,994 accidents involving cyclists were recorded in 2021, with the figure rising to 4,333 last year. In 2021, riders on bicycles and e-bikes caused 2,672 accidents, compared with 2,826 last year.

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