SAKO Brno’s ReUse Scheme Has Been Helping Urban Greenery Flourish In Brno For Seven Years

Flowers in Dominikánské náměstí, which are maintained thanks to the ReUse project. Photo: SAKO Brno.

Brno, Oct 17 (BD) – SAKO Brno’s ReUse project, which gives used items a new home and beautifies public space in the process, is celebrating its 7th anniversary. ReUse lets people donate unwanted items at collection centres, so-called ReUse points, which are then sold to raise money for care of the city’s flower beds. A proportion of the furniture is also given to needy families.

The ReUse project has been operating since October 2016, and was the first scheme of its kind in the Czech Republic. Brno residents can give old but still functioning items to new owners, thus extending the life cycle of things that would otherwise end up needlessly thrown in the trash. Anything that finds another use and makes someone happy is accepted, including dishes, electrical appliances, books, toys, sports equipment or even CDs. 

Flowers in Moravské náměstí. Photo: SAKO Brno.

The collected items are then sold for a nominal fee of 10 to 200 crowns. The city then uses this money to plant and maintain flower beds, for example, on Veletržní, Francouzská and Renneská streets. Almost CZK 1 million has been collected in this way over the last seven years.

A special role is played by the donated furniture, which is then sent to needy families in cooperation with the City of Brno’s Department of Social Care. Furniture has been donated to 160 families since 2016. ReUse points can be found at the collection centres at Hapalova, Jedovnická, Sochorova, Dusíkova, Okružní, Ukrainská and Jana Svobody.

More information about the ReUse project is available in the SAKO Brno company report.

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