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Ministry of Education To Receive Additional CZK 4 Billion

The Czech cabinet today approved the release of CZK 2 billion from the government budget reserve to the education budget, with the same amount again to be allocated in the month to come, probably also from the general treasury, said Finance Minister Zbynek Stanjura (ODS).

During the cabinet meeting earlier today, Education Minister Mikulas Bek (STAN) wrote on Twitter (styled as ‘X’) that the cabinet had decided to add CZK 4 billion crowns to the education budget, in accordance with previous political agreements.

The previous budget allocation for the Education Ministry was CZK 269 billion for this year, which would have been CZK 3.9 billion more than in 2023.

A substantial portion of the added money will be used for the salaries of non-teaching staff, Stanjura told a press conference.

In the coming weeks, the cabinet will analyse the individual ministries’ unspent entitlements from last year. “Transfers between [state budget] chapters cannot be ruled out, with the possibility that some of the chapters may provide money from last year’s budget for this year’s expenditures,” Stanjura said.

“It’s not enough, and I will not be satisfied in a situation where we only sufficiently fund schools and the education sector,” Prime Minister Fiala (ODS) told the press conference after the cabinet meeting. “Qualitative reforms must be made, we must complete the framework education program reform and make other changes so that young people receive quality education that meets the requirements of today.” 

Before the meeting, Regional Development Minister Ivan Bartos (Pirates) said that his party considers not only salaries but also development of infrastructure and modernization important. “Within the framework of the European IROP programs we have modernised classrooms and equipment in schools in regions and towns. There is a huge demand for this because the technological deficit is large,” he said.

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