Harry's pivovar. Credit: CP / Brno Daily.

South Moravia’s Craft Beer Scene Flourishes with 70 Thriving Microbreweries

There are now 70 microbreweries in South Moravia, with an increase of four new operations last year. According to information available from brewery websites, none have ceased operations. Despite competition from traditional winemaking, the industry continues to thrive and expand.

The largest number of microbreweries operate in Brno, two of which, Moravia and Hauskrecht, are approaching 10,000 hectolitres of production mark. “A possible shift to the category of medium-sized breweries entails a greater tax burden, so it is a question of how both operations will target their strategy in future years,” said brewing historian Filip Vrána, who teaches students of the Brewing and Malting program at Mendel University. “So far, no microbrewery in the region has exceeded this limit, and usually this development takes several years, often more than a decade of activity on the market.” 

Hauskrecht brewery on Porážka in Brno. Credit: CG / Brno Daily.

The strength of the Brno region is underscored by the Brno-Venkov district, which boasts 17 microbreweries. Additionally, the Hodonín district has 13, while Znojmo currently hosts 10 microbreweries.

Mendel University opened a Brewing and Malting bachelor’s degree program. Credit: MENDELU.

“On the market, we observe a consistent trend of rapid growth among larger microbreweries focusing on draft beer sales, alongside a burgeoning number of restaurant breweries with their own establishments,” noted brewing expert Jan Grmela. “The former benefit from high production volumes, enabling them to achieve the efficiency necessary amidst rising labour and raw material costs. Meanwhile, the latter enjoys a higher profit margin from the outset, rendering them better equipped to navigate shifting market conditions, such as fluctuations in the VAT rate.”

New breweries in South Moravia include Ivančice, Strážnice (Connor), Znojmo (Old cock), and Višňové.

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