Island Mint Credit: Kamil Ansorge

Prague’s Island Mint To Perform at Kabinet Muz This Thursday

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Prague-based Island Mint will bring their wide and extensive style to Brno’s Kabinet Muz this Thursday, 29 February. 

The band’s music mixes and merges shoegaze, indie pop, and garage rock, developed into a distinctive analog sound, accompanied with English lyrics. They have released multiple EPs and one LP, 2022’s Irreality. Their most recent single “Burnout” was released in January 2024.

Island Mint Credit: Tereza Odehnalova

To know more about the band’s journey and musical direction, look out for an interview on Brno Daily in March, as part of the “We are the Night” series.

In the meantime, you can get a clear idea of their atmosphere and composition this Thursday, to make the date which only comes around every four years a precious melodic memory.

Island Mint Credit: Tereza Odehnalova

Find out more about Island of Mint on Linktree. For more information about Thursday’s concert, see the Facebook event page.

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