Credit: Brno City Police

Traditional Wiper Tickets Phased Out, Promising Simpler Driving Experience for Brno Drivers

Starting today, Friday, 1 March, a significant change will take effect in Brno. The Brno City Police is introducing a new method for drivers to settle traffic violations without needing to visit the counter in person. 

When a driver commits an offence that is not detected by police officers, current laws prevent them from being fined in their absence, thus remote payment isn’t possible. However, there has been a growing demand from offenders for such a solution over the years. “That’s why we’ve collaborated with the Brno municipality to implement a new procedure: if a driver goes undetected, a written document will be directly sent to their mailbox or data box by the city, based on the so-called objective responsibility of the vehicle operator. Legally, it’s not classified as a fine per se, but rather a specified amount that can be paid directly into the bank account,” explained the Brno City Police yesterday.

Credit: Brno City Police

The traditional wiper blade tickets will nearly vanish from the streets as of today, 1 March. The only exception applies to a limited number of traffic violations, particularly when drivers encroach upon public spaces with their vehicles. Since these offences often fall outside the municipality’s jurisdiction, motorists will still encounter paper notices on their cars in such cases.

“Of course, if caught by officers for an offence, drivers still have the option to resolve the matter on the spot,” explained the police. “Moreover, the registered operator also retains the right to report who was driving the vehicle at the time the offence was committed. Our police officers have routinely accepted non-cash payments for many years, facilitated by 25 terminals circulating in Brno between patrols. However, due to the aforementioned legal constraints, remote payment hasn’t been feasible until now.”

The change has met with mixed reactions. For instance, one social media commentator remarked, “For me, eliminating the trip to the counter removes the educational aspect of the penalty for poor parking.” Another expressed concern, asking, “Instead of being notified of my violation when I return to my car, am I left unaware? Will I then be puzzled when I check my records in two weeks?” However, many individuals welcome the innovation.

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