Credit: Jiri Lubojacky

Brno Expat Fair 2024: Brno Internationals Meet at Tržnice

Brno’s biggest international event of the year is coming up: on 13 April, Tržnice (the City Market Hall at Zelný trh) will once again host the Brno Expat Fair. Discover and enjoy what life in Brno has to offer! All in one day, all in one place. And more importantly, meet other internationals who now call Brno home. 

The four floors of Tržnice will fill up with English-friendly experts and services (eg. legal, finance, insurance, medical services, housing, lifestyle, schools, and more), international food, jobs, clubs and communities. No matter what challenges your life in Brno has thrown your way recently (Learning the language? Looking for a new job? Buying a flat? Starting a family? ), the chances are that you’ll find useful tips for solutions at the expat fair. And you’ll meet your peers whilst searching for answers together!

That is the most amazing part of the event – hundreds of foreigners meet in one place in one day. There’ll be plenty of space to enjoy a good meal (you can pick from a dozen different cuisines!), have a drink together and even stay for the afterparty at 6 pm. Last year, more than 1,300 expats and their friends visited the fair throughout the day.

Credit: Jiri Lubojacky

“Whoever is bored in Brno hasn’t done proper research yet.” 

A visitor at the previous fair said. Whether that is your case or not, visit the Brno Expat Fair to get some new ideas to fill up your free time with, learn tips on how to solve practical issues, taste international food from Brno, listen to some cracking music, and meet old and new friends.

Food festival & stage

Spanish paella, Indian grill, Israeli falafel, South African goodies, Greek pastries, Mexican tortillas, or Vietnamese spring rolls – we’ve gathered Brno-based international gastro businesses into the charming courtyard of the Old Town Hall, just behind Tržnice. Most are run by expats themselves – come to meet the faces behind them. 

There’ll be a stage with international performers filling the courtyard with live music throughout the day. At 6 pm, we’ll move the party upstairs; to the rooftop of Tržnice. You’re welcome to join this afterparty – it is, as with the rest of the fair, completely free.

Credit: Eva Kolomaznikova

Seminars & workshops

Throughout the day, you can listen in to a variety of talks, and join in interactive workshops. Lawyers, immigration experts, financial advisors, career coaches, and many more are booked to give a talk. Clubs, communities, trauma coaches, Red Cross, and career consultants will lead workshops as interactive tasters to activities you can regularly join in Brno. Check the fair’s website for the full programme and starting times.

Bring your friends & family

The four floors of Tržnice provide plenty of space to spend a pleasant day in. For parents, we have a children’s corner with sitters, to keep your children entertained as you browse the rest of the fair. There’ll be space to sit and chill, with coffee, wine, drinks, beer and of course, international food, to enjoy with your friends. 

Credit: Eva Kolomaznikova

Or, come alone and meet new friends

Come to the expat fair at 10 am, and join our speed-friending session! Whether you’re new in Brno, or you find yourself without a friend in town on this particular Saturday, you can meet new people during our facilitated ice-breaking session. Find a buddy for the day, and even beyond!

Organised by the Brno Expat Centre

“We are bringing all that we do online throughout the year into Tržnice for one day,” says the Brno Expat Centre, a public service supported by the City of Brno. “Our daily workload is to help expats solve a variety of issues relevant to their lives in Brno. We connect them with expat-friendly services, with public officials, with business opportunities. We support them, help them to adjust, and connect them to the local communities. This is usually done online. But for one day, let’s all meet face to face!”

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