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Record Number of Applicants For Subsidies For Creative Projects From The City of Brno

Every year, the City of Brno distributes CZK 1.5 million through two annual calls for subsidy applications from the cultural and creative sectors. 29 applications arrived in the last call, which were evaluated yesterday by the Brno city council.

“The creative industries are fully established in Brno, whether we are talking about design or the development of computer games,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková. “For the city, creative and cultural industries are key, which is why we support them both financially and by creating the best possible conditions. Recently, for example, we launched the Designed in Brno platform, which supports the promotion of local businesses.” 

“The city launched the Pro Kreativní Brno subsidy program in 2021,” added Martin Příborský, Brno city representative for strategic cooperation and development. “The increasing number of applications shows that we are succeeding in reaching an increasingly wide spectrum of creatives. In total, we have now distributed CZK 1 million, and we are planning the next round in the summer.” 

The subsidy program has been announced twice a year since autumn 2021. In the current call, the Brno Municipality accepted applications from 1 December 2023 to 1 February 2024. 29 applications were subsequently dealt with by an evaluation committee, composed of representatives of the city and professional organisations such as JIC and CzechInvest. The proposed subsidies were subsequently recommended to the Brno City Council for approval by the council. The result is approved funds for the following projects:

  • Placemaking Brno (CZK 200,000)
  • Conference on AI for creatives (CZK 200,000)
  • Brno Bold – a platform for graphic designers (CZK 110,000)
  • KONEKT: an expanding handbook for upcoming artists (CZK 101,500)
  • TV Days conference 2024 – Serial Killer (CZK 100,000)
  • Cultivation of public space through a creative installation in the area adjacent to ​​the emerging Ruller embankment (CZK 100,000)
  • W♀men in Art – a conference aimed at supporting women in art (CZK 100,000)
  • Creative Technology (CZK 88,500)

Further information on all of these projects is available on the website.

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